Closed Circuit Cooling Towers


Cooling Towers are originated out of the development in the 19th century for use with the stem engine. The Closed Circuit cooling towers are also derived as Fluid coolers. These Closed circuit cooling towers are hybrids that pass the working fluid through a tube bundle, where clean water is sprayed upon and a fan induced draft is applied. As a result, the heat transfer is much closer with the advantage provided by a dry cooler of protecting the working fluid from environmental exposure and contamination.

Cooling towers are designed and manufactured in several types as per the requirement. The needs of cooling towers differ from each sector. The cooling towers are manufactured depending on the requirement of the company. The Factors used to design the cooling towers are Atmospheric mechanical draft, Air flow, Construction, shape and amount of heat to be transfered.

It is inexpensive to purchase and operate, the total hp required is very less, where it is good for green economy.

Under certain conditions, the micro orgranisms like bacteria, fungi and algae can grow very fast in the cooling water, which reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the cooling tower. Preventive measures can be taken to reduce this micro-organisms growth by using chlorine or other chemicals.